You've been on mission trips, you attended VBS, your iPod is full of Christian music, and you've watched every episode of Veggi Tales. But yet, you're not really sure if this "Christian thing" is entirely true. You have your doubts and the idea of sharing those doubts with your pastors and parents seems scary. You're not alone. We love you and we're here for you.

Maybe that's not you. Maybe you're sure about Christianity but your non-Christian friends and family members mock you and ask you questions that are hard to answer. Beyond that, you know you should be sharing the gospel but every time you do you're confronted with skepticism and objections you don't know how to handle. You're not alone. We love you and we're here for you.

Maybe that's not you either. Maybe you're sure about Christianity and you are hungry for deeper teaching! Your iPod is full of podcasts and sermons, your book shelf is bulging with volumes on systematic theology, Bible commentaries, and apologetics. You are not alone either. We pray your tribe will increase and we want to introduce you to like minded students!

Whoever you are and wherever you're at, we're here to help you!

Here are 4 things you can do, right now, to be proactive about this. 

1. Sign up for Base Camp and encourage your friends to attend with you! 

2. Consider attending one of our small groups for students! This is a 9-12 week in depth study using tested books and curriculum.

3. Check out our calendar periodically for seminars and special events near you. 

4. CLICK HERE to watch interviews with students just like you! 




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